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2024 Cards are now on Pre-Order Status!


These are the official Mahjong cards for playing the American version of Mahjong. The US-based National Mah Jong League are the copyright holders of this official card.


While the Israel Mahjong League typically orders a few extras in its annual order, these often sell out immediately. If you want to be sure you are among the first to get your 2024 Mahjong Card, order today!


2024 Cards will ship from the US at the end of March (baring any unforseen delays).

In years past, their arrival coincided with Pesach. This year they should be here before the holiday, as long as UPS and Fed Ex continue to make deliveries here.


**Additional fees apply to cover Israel Post or courier charges within Israel.

You are of course welcome to arrange pickup at no additional charge.



PLEASE be sure to order the size of card you actually want. 

2024 National Mah Jong League Playing Card

  • Our cards are usually sent from NMJL to our US rep at the end of March. Once she has sorted them, our cards will be sent via UPS or FedEx to Israel. That typically happens the first week or so in April. For our part, we'll work to get them released from customs and ready for pickup or Israel Post delivery ASAP.

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