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  • What is the Israel Mahjong League? How is it diiferent from other Mahjong groups?
    Isreal Mahjong League's sole purpose is to increase and grow the Mahjong playing community in Israel. There may be other groups doing the same, and that's great. The more players and the more opportunities to play the better!
  • Do I have to become a Member to participate in League activities?
    No you don't, but we think you will want to! Many IML activities are open to the public. But there are some events that will be restricted to Members only. Why miss out? Joing the Israel Mahjong League today!
  • What types of Mahjong does the League support?
    We love ALL versions of Mahjong! In general though, most players in Israel are playing the American (NMJL) version. A smaller number of people are playing a more traditional Chinese version. Do you know how to play Riichi or a different version? Great! Let us know and we'll see if we can't find more players who are interested in learning that style.
  • I watched my mother and her sisters play when I was young, but never learned how. Where can I find lessons?"
    You've come to the right place! The Israel Mahjong League offers lessons (both private and groups). Contact us at for details. Or go to the Community Forum where you'll find groups looking for new members, players looking for a weekly game, and teachers.
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