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Israel Mahjong League 


Retreats and Cruises


Mahj in the snow


Would you believe there are Mahjong players all over Israel? Well there are!

If you are looking for a table to join, you've come to the right place. 

Do you play in a group looking to grow? You've come to the right place, too!

Sign up for membership, go to the Community Forum. Post when you are available to play (or when you group meets) and let the matchmaking and community building begin!

Israel Mahjong League Mahjong Fundraiser

Tournaments, Marathons, & Fundraisers

Already know how to play? Come test your skill against other players at any of our tournaments. Not  competitive? Join us as any of our Marathons for hours of good non-stop Mahjong! And what could be better than playing Mahjong for a good cause? Sign up to participate at one of our sponsored fundraisers.

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Israel Mahjong League uses NMJL Cards, too

Mahjong for Beginners American & Chinese versions

Come and Learn to play the ancient game of Mah Jong! Since it began in China, Mahjong has been delighting people with hours of fun around the world. Mahjong is also excellent way to keep your mind active and exercised. Come learn how!

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Have fun 200120,

Have fun 200120,

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Just play. Have fun.
Enjoy the game

~ Michael Jordan.

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