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Beginner Mahjong Players!!

Are you a beginner, just learning to play, and having a hard time keeping track of which hand you're playing? Do you teach new players and are looking for one of the (if not THE) best teaching aid?


Look no further!


By using the resuable Highlighters you'll easily keep track of which hands you're playing!


Our Protective Sleeve & Highligher Sets include 3 Mah Jongg Highlighters fits the Large NMJL cards and Siamese Mah Jongg® League cards.


Our Playing Card Protective Sleeves and Highlighters, by Mah's Helping Hand, are made of thick, clear, polypropylene. They have a closable flap on the end that provides a tight seal for protection from liquids, food, etc.  With proper (easy) care, our Protective Sleeves & Highlighters stay clear and intact for years of prolonged use!


Please take a look at the instructional videos. Printed instructions for use and care come will each purchase.

Highlighters and Protective Sleeves for Cards

₪50.00 Regular Price
₪38.00Sale Price
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