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January 2024 NewsBlast

Fundraising Successes!

 In the past few weeks we've been so pleased to have taken a small part in a few Mahjong Fundraisers in several cities - all of them were successful and fun! A total of 7,700 NIS was raised on behalf of various groups including the IDF and some home front causes.

 As you can see by the photos, a good time was had by all!

 Thank you to all those who organized their events and thank you to all those who participated!

Last Call for Cards (2024)


For those who might have forgotten to order, we have a 48-hour reprieve.

Please get your orders in before midnight Tuesday, January 9, 2024.

*Remember! If you pick up your card(s) in Rehovot, you do not have to pay for delivery!

Thank you.


This is primarily for players who play in Israel:


We would be so grateful if you would take just a few moments to answer a 9-item, 2-minute long questionnaire. Thank you!


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