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February 2024 NewsBlast

National Rankings

How would you like to know how your Mahjong skills compare with other players from all across the country, without leaving the comfort of your home? 

Starting with the new 2024 cards, IML will begin a nationwide ranking of players. To join in, all you need to do is download the scorecard from the IML site, track the points you earn from each game, and submit those scores. 

Points are earned based on the value of each hand as it appears on the card plus any bonus points earned (see scoring instructions on your card and on the IML site).

Annual Memberships

 In order to keep this site live, we have had to resort to charging a small annual fee for membership.  

For just 8.3 NIS a month (100NIS) you will continue to have access to all the membership benefits you have had before, and more, such as participation in the new national ranking of players and IML discounts for paid events (more about that below). 

To current members with a free subscription: your membership will run its course. A voluntary contribution of 100 NIS will go a long way to off-set our expenses, but is not mandatory. However, your subscription will not renew without payment.

2024 Cards on Order

Orders have gone in and now we wait for National Mah Jongg League (New York) to get them printed and sent out.

Our cards should arrive early April. They will be sent from the US via FedEX or UPS so they are insured and will clear customs with the shipper's help (that is, as fast as possible).

Once we know they are on their way, we will let you know.

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